If you caught the first cartoon you will know that Biff is a genetically engineered futuristic dog with thumbs who pilots - and sometimes sucessfully lands - a space ship. He isn't any specific breed, but the best of the species. He is part of the Canine Collective, a crime fighting group of other dogs and aliens. He loves kids, standing up for the little guy, and still chases cats. In a gravity free cartoon world anything is possible.

The Cartoonist

I would consider myself a "Doodlist" over a Caroonist. My high school, college, and church bulletins are filled with random graphics. Though I made a D in junior high art it did not keep me from succeeding in high school art. Though my high school drafting teacher told me I'd never make it as an Architect I am now a licensed Landscape Architect and the owner of Cumberland Landesign..

Have focus, drive, and tenacity and you will succeed.

Remember, if someone says you can't do it, then it's just that they can't do it.